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An overwhelming 70% of all Dutch innovation is IT related, the majority of which is forged right here in Utrecht Region. We are home to the applied gaming industry, media technology and design. The vibe is multilingual, easy going, inclusive and brims with excitement. A recipe for igniting brilliant ideas. Connect and innovate with major companies based in the region like Capgemini, Dutch Game Garden, VodafoneZiggo, Talpa, NEP and Media Monks and start your European adventure.

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Companies in Utrecht Region use artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and gamification to reimagine how we manage our logistics, media distribution and protection, all in service of building a healthier future. Start-ups are supported by universities and accelerators such as StartupUtrecht and UtrechtInc.

Creative designs, beautiful media

A flat landscape leaves the world to the imagination. Hilversum’s colourful Media Valley buildings house some of the most creative talent in the country. Internationally renowned companies add soul to Utrecht Region’s digital business economy and design trade. Think of Media.Monks, ASPEN Digital, Robot Kittens and NEP. This is where big ideas become reality.

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Applied game development

We have come so far since Pong. Video games are a part of our lives, welcomed into our homes to entertain, to support and to educate. Utrecht Region is where gaming has transitioned toward sector-wide applicable gamification. Dutch Game Garden is the largest gamification incubator and business centre in Europe, producing award-winning independent game studios like Abbey Games and Vlambeer. Team Liquid, one of the world’s e-sports behemoths, opened its new training facility in Utrecht Region in 2020.

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