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Cities all over the world face enormous challenges. Climate change and urbanization put the liveability of the city at risk. The growing number of inhabitants lead to an increasing number of movements. Smart and sustainable mobilitysolutions are therefore key to keep cities an attractive place to live. We need innovative solutions to enable people to move around in a safe, healthy and sustainable way. Engaging solutions that lead to cleaner transport movements and lower CO2 emissions. In Earth Valley, a cluster of companies, knowledge institutions and governments work together on innovative solutions for social issues in the field of sustainable living environment, housing, mobility, climate adaptation and energy transition. This collaboration enables us to set the right priorities and enable innovations for places around the world. Within Earth Valley companies meet each other to develop projects and assignments. 

Utrecht, Heart of Health

The Netherlands is a densely populated country, and Utrecht lies in it’s heart. These circumstances push us towards innovation for a healthy environment. Ambitious companies, research institutes and top universities join forces in the field of a healthy living environment, sustainable and circular construction, water management and geo-data. This creates innovative solutions that are necessary to tackle social issues. Different layers of the Dutch government support this ecosystem in both word and deed.

The Utrecht region has a unique mix of companies and knowledge institutions to make a major contribution. We thrive together with excellent research, innovation, international tenders, talent development and the world’s best education.

Utrecht is the beating heart of a healthy society. As a region, we’re on a mission to create lasting, positive change. We want people to live a more healthy life, in a healthy environment and society. Located in the heart of the most competitive region in Europe, we’ve earned our place on the global stage.

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AI for a healthy urban environment

In the Utrecht Region we want to enable data technology for spatial and social issues. Step by step we unlock and link the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a healthy urban environment. We built field labs to test specific tools and do real life analytics. Companies in our region excel in marketing digital applications in the built environment. Engineering offices like Royal HaskoningDHV developed into IT-companies to be able to lead the Dutch- and international market.

Sustainable built environment

The Netherlands and the Utrecht region in particular haven’t got an abundance of space, whilst business and population grow, we developed a innovative mindset. Smart and sustainable housing is a nation-wide priority. Data-driven companies from Amersfoort and Utrecht lead the way. Renovation, circular construction and connecting houses to effectively add to the energy grid is the challenge. A great example is DigiC: this is an Earth Valley program in which digitization in the circular construction economy is central.

Green mobility

The Utrecht Region is the geographical center of the Netherlands, where highways and rails congregate. New mobility concepts, last-mile delivery with electric or maybe even hydrogen transportation methods, such as drones in the future or shared mobility (think of Mobility as a Service) are some the areas in constant movement. The Netherlands is a cycling country par excellence. From the quietest corners of the countryside to our bustling cities, you can cycle throughout the land with the greatest of ease. Utrecht has the biggest bike parking and the busiest bike lane. Biking is a popular, green and healthy way to get around. Innovative companies around (electric) biking can be found in our region.

Energy transition

Grid congestion is a massive challenge that this triple helix takes on. We are looking into the potential of smart (data or AI led) energy systems and hubs. The coordination between demand and supply will be key for the years to come. Moreover, the Utrecht Region innovative companies are working on gas free heat solutions.

Climate adaptation

Who can really and effectively come up with solutions for the worldwide climate change and for drought- and heat stress? The Netherlands has fought for ages against sea water and water coming down via it’s large rivers. We stopped fighting. Now we colaborate with nature, we work with nature. Nature-based companies from our region developed scalable techniques to make clean water available, make water available in times of drought and makes sure our low laying country won’t flood in wet times. Companies in the Utrecht Region find each other and discuss how they can strengthen one and all.

Pedal power – a million miles and smiles

Cycling is part of the Dutch way of life. The Netherlands has a world-leading bicycle infrastructure and the most bikes per capita in the world.

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Progressive sustainability

The long-term vision of Earth Valley contains a human capital agenda: a professional from our region can make a strong, specialized contribution to the sustainable built environment. This is reflected in university curricula and international internship opportunities.

The working population also knows where to go for guidance on issues relating to switching, lifelong development and technical skills. In anticipation of the Earth Valley Human Capital Agenda, we are working in collaboration with partners of initiatives that will contribute to the future of Earth Valley. You can build on us!

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