Utrecht Region is known for its progressive sustainability and healthy urban living. The entire region is a celebration of a forward thinking, environmentally conscious way of doing business. Discover a region both green and energetic with bountiful parks and well-designed urban districts. The mindset is simple: reduce the ecological footprint and lead the way to a healthy society.

Healthy urban living

To set up your company in Utrecht Region is to join one of the most innovative and sustainable business environments in the Netherlands. Utrecht Region offers room to develop, test and market new solutions in areas such as life sciences, water, climate, media technology, smart sustainability, EdTech and mobility on an international scale. Connect with ecosystems that allow you to work with knowledge institutions to devise and produce creative, long-lasting innovations.

At Utrecht Science Park, LSH research is driven by a commitment to sustainability, not least where it concerns the park’s specialties: gen technology, child oncology, pandemic preparedness and regenerative medicine. Research and development In Amersfoort covers various areas, such as water management, built environment, climate, future energy, resources and the circular economy.

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Cycling – the Utrecht Region way

Utrecht Region is one of Europe’s frontrunners in smart urban mobility. This enterprising region works hard to stimulate bicycle-focused logistics and business dedicated to having a positive impact on the economy, social inclusion and health.

Cycling is part of the Dutch way of life. The Netherlands leads the way in biking infrastructure and has the most bikes per capita on earth. According to the latest research from the World Economic Forum, Utrecht is the most bike-friendly city in the world.

Cycling makes a huge contribution to the principles of healthy people, healthy minds and healthy environments. It reduces noise and air pollution and improves safety and quality of life. As a sustainable and non-polluting mode of transport, cycling is more affordable, healthier and greener than driving.

Convinced of the economic and environmental benefits of cycling? Wonder how Utrecht Region realises these policies? Download the whitepaper below.


Pedal power – a million miles and smiles

Cycling is part of the Dutch way of life. The Netherlands has a world-leading bicycle infrastructure and the most bikes per capita in the world.

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Progressive sustainability

In Utrecht Region, we are fuelled by a healthy societal ambition. We lead the energy transition by using electric cars as giant batteries for solar energy. Our goal is to implement one of the world’s most innovative, future-proof energy systems. More than 10,000 electric cars in Utrecht currently use a ‘bidirectional charging system’ to balance spikes in the city’s electricity demands.

We know how important it is to create a green, liveable and accessible region. That is why we make a conscious effort to fuse education and business, making this the most innovative region for sustainability in the Netherlands. Robert Llewellyn, from the Fully Charged Show on YouTube, made a road trip to visit the inspirational city of Utrecht where we do things just a little differently. Check out the video below.

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