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Over the past 100 years, average health conditions - and, consequently, people’s life expectancy - have improved significantly. On the whole, this has been a very positive development. Nevertheless, an ageing population increasingly living in urban environments poses a range of new health challenges. Some of these are tackled with world class solutions pioneered in Utrecht Region.

Healthy People

The Netherlands is an internationally renowned contributor to healthcare technology, digitisation, pharmaceutical innovation, and health solutions. Located in the centre of the country, Utrecht Region is the centre of the Dutch life science networkconnecting the best and brightest in the field of life sciences and health.

Our region offers both the infrastructure and the human resources to develop much needed life science and healthcare innovations. Utrecht Region is particularly famous for its strength in future health – developing life sciences ‘technology of the future’ in the field of cell and tissue therapies. Think of organoids, regenerative medicine, biomanufacturing and oncology, image-guided treatment, and robotic surgery. Furthermore, we concentrate on a healthy environment – developing knowledge of environmental factors (the exposome) and strengthening the link between veterinary and human medicine in the One Health domain. And finally, we develop all kinds of innovations for healthier living.

In Utrecht Region, entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers work closely with university medical centres and top clinical hospitals to create a healthy and sustainable living environment. Its collaborative ecosystem and highly educated workforce make Utrecht Region an ideal base for research and development operations. That is why we have the largest concentration of life sciences and health companies in the country, like Johnson & Johnson and Intravacc.  With ten knowledge institutions and more than 120 research and development centres Utrecht Region is one of Europe’s healthcare hotspots.

At Utrecht Science Park, you can connect with some of the most impactful organisations in the world, including the Princess Maxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology, Bioceros, Nutricia Research, Genmab and Merus. Purpose-built accommodation is available for start-ups, scale-ups and large organisations. Kadans Science Partner will be breaking ground on the new Accelerator building in 2022. Life Sciences Incubator and UtrechtInc are also located in the Utrecht Science Park.

Investment opportunities

Personalised medicine and healthcare (cancer, brain, cardiovascular)

Stem cell and regenerative medicine (organoids, bio-fabrication)

One Health (human health, veterinary health and healthy environment)

Healthcare innovation (e-health, MedTech)

3D bioprinting

Image-guided interventions

Future food and specialised nutrition


Pandemic preparedness


Make your mark at Utrecht Science Park

There's lots going on at Utrecht Science Park. The campus is a miniature city of sorts, where people work, study, live, recreate, or receive care. Utrecht Science Park is the largest science park in the Netherlands. Some 51,000 students and 33.000 employees make their way to Utrecht Science Park every day, to work at places like Genmab, TNO or Danone Nutricia Research. Utrecht Science Park is the hotspot for knowledge and cutting-edge technology. Situated in Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht University, the Netherlands’ largest university is ranked among Europe's best universities. Utrecht Science Park is the only science park in the Netherlands with its own festival and marathon event.

Shaping the future of food together: Food Valley

By 2050 the food system needs to offer food security to 10 billion people worldwide. Tasty, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food, produced with respect for animals and our planet. It is a major challenge but one that is achievable if we join forces to shape the future of food together. Food Valley’s role is to guide parties from thoughts and ambitions into practice. Food Valley drives collective action with frontrunners across sectors and countries. We provide access to talent, financial resources, shared facilities, and best practices. The result: viable businesses and new healthy sustainable sectors.

Plug into our Open Health Lab

European market entry for international Life Sciences & Health entrepreneurs involves four main barriers: product development, market authorization, market access, and market attractiveness. European health systems demand live evidence of safety, effectiveness, and healthcare impact. Utrecht Region offers nine innovation ecosystems, comprising top knowledge institutes, medical centers, tech-savvy companies, and active test communities for various therapeutic areas. Focus areas include cell and gene therapy, precision medicine, healthy living, human-machine interaction, and OneHealth. To accelerate Life Sciences & Health R&D, validation, and business, join the Utrecht Region Open Health Lab and tap into collaborative networks for European market application.

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