Key sectors

Utrecht Region is a frontrunner in life sciences and health, digital media and sustainability. Our thriving economy focuses on smart solutions, green policies, innovation and health. Learn more about the business opportunities in your organisation’s key sector.

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Utrecht, green at heart

In Utrecht Region, you can find the entire spectrum of economic and academic industry working together. From research and development in sustainability, life sciences and health to the most advanced digital media pioneers in the country. Utrecht is Europe’s leading hotspot for smart solutions, green policies, innovation and health. No wonder so many businesses find their homes here. Discover what Utrecht Region has to offer your business today.

Key sectors

Life sciences and health

From the green university campuses to the bustling healthcare ecosystem, Utrecht Region offers both the expertise and the human resources to answer industry demand for important healthcare and life science innovations. Utrecht Region is famous for its strength in public health, regenerative medicine and stem cell research.

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Media & Gaming

Utrecht Region is where media and IT start. Where television is produced. Where games are designed. Where AI is developed. The best digital media companies, designers and developers in the country are bundled together in Utrecht Region. Connect with leading companies in cloud computing, media technology, fintech and software solutions.

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Earth Valley

The things we build are meant to last. The cities that house our opportunities. The business parks and commercial zones, our homes. In Utrecht Region we create things sustainably to support future and current generations through smart mobility, health innovations and green-powered cities. We call it healthy urban living.

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