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Welcome to the region of Utrecht – welcome to the beating heart of a healthy society! Situated in the heart of the Netherlands, this dynamic region offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the European and the global marketplace. What sets us apart?

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Utrecht, Heart of Health

Utrecht Region, strategically located with excellent connectivity to major European cities, serves as a prime gateway for trade and collaboration. Its central European position allows easy access to 145 million consumers within a 500-kilometer radius, making it an ideal destination for expanding businesses. In addition to its physical connectivity, Utrecht Region excels in digital connectivity. The area is known for its diverse and multilingual workforce, supported by prestigious universities and research institutions that foster innovation. Furthermore, the region offers a high quality of life, with livable cities, natural beauty, and a rich cultural heritage, all easily accessible by public transportation or bicycle.

Key sectors

Life sciences and health

From the green university campuses to the bustling healthcare ecosystem, Utrecht Region offers both the expertise and the human resources to answer industry demand for important healthcare and life science innovations. Utrecht Region is famous for its strength in public health, regenerative medicine and stem cell research.

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Digital Media Technology

Utrecht Region is where media and IT start. Where television is produced. Where games are designed. Where AI is developed. The best digital media companies, designers and developers in the country are bundled together in the region of Utrecht. Connect with leading companies in cloud computing, gaming, media technology and software solutions.

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Smart Sustainability

The region of Utrecht is addressing climate change through innovative, data-driven water management and sustainable housing practices.. Our grid congestion drives smart energy exploration. Our central location and great cycling infrastructure encourages new mobility, including electric and hydrogen last-mile delivery.

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