Smart Sustainability

Climate change is real. Weather patterns are changing fast, the temperature of our oceans is rising. For centuries, the Netherlands has fought against sea water and against water coming down its many rivers. We have turned that fight into an embrace. Into a dance with the water. We lead the way with data driven water management and scalable practices for climate adaptive living. Knowledge that safeguards the availability of clean water, helps us retain water in times of drought and ensure low laying country doesn't flood when waters run high.

Healthy environment

Smart and sustainable housing is a nationwide priority. Here too, data-driven companies lead the way. Renovation, circular construction and connecting large numbers of new houses to the energy grid is a collective challenge. As in many other parts of the world, grid congestion places massive demand on our region. This is why we are actively looking into the potential of smart energy systems and hubs. Striking the right balance between the demand for and the supply of energy will be key for years to come.

Utrecht Region is the geographical centre of the Netherlands, where highways and railroads converge. Fertile soil for new mobility concepts such as electric and hydrogen powered last-mile delivery solutions. Utrecht is a cycling hub with top-notch bike infrastructure and the world’s highest bike ownership per capita. Utrecht, deemed the most bike-friendly city by the World Economic Forum, fosters bike-related businesses for economic, social, and health benefits. It aims for innovative, sustainable urban living solutions by promoting cycling. Utrecht Region is a Dutch and European leader in smart urban mobility.

In the region of Utrecht we stimulate the development of data technology to overcome spatial and social challenges. Step by step we unlock and link the potential of artificial intelligence for a healthy urban environment. We build field labs to test specific tools and do real life analytics. Companies in our region, like Arcadis, Royal BAM Group and Ballast Nedam, excel in developing digital applications for improvements in the built environment.

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Earth Valley

Creating a healthy and sustainable Utrecht Region is a complex task that requires an integrated approach. To do so, ambitious companies, governments, research institutes and top universities in Utrecht Region have joined forces in a collaboration we call ‘Earth Valley’. Together, they pioneer solutions in the field of a sustainable and circular construction, future mobility, climate adaptation and energy transition. Data science and application is key. This collaboration is paving the way for innovative solutions that are conducive to a healthy environment. In Utrecht Region, in the Netherlands and around the world.

Utrecht Bike Community

Cycling is engrained in the Dutch DNA. Our enterprising region works hard to stimulate bike related businesses with a positive impact on the economy, social inclusion, and health. The Utrecht Bike Community is a professional network that brings together everyone from bike manufacturers and mechanics to insurance companies and government policy makers. Initiatives from the Utrecht Bike Community include the Utrecht Bike Ecosystem, a series of design sessions connecting more than 20 companies in the region all working towards finding solutions around bike mobility, infrastructure, and safety.

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