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Situated in the centre of The Netherlands, Utrecht Region is second to none. We provide the optimal conditions for healthy growth. Of individuals, at an interpersonal level and of businesses and organisations. Looking to find a new home with the best fit for your business and your family? Let’s connect!

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At the heart of the matter

Utrecht Region is located in the centre of the Netherlands. Just a half hour by train from Schiphol Airport, the region is easy to reach both nationally and internationally. Trains run day and night to and from Utrecht Central Station, where the world’s largest bicycle parking garage has space for a whopping 12,500 bikes.

Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, its vast talent pool and its high connectivity, our region has become a magnet for international companies.


A healthy life

Getting to the region is easy, but you might find it difficult to leave. We are not only investing in Life Science and Health to service the world, we use our knowledge and technology to help our citizens to live a healthier lives. The region offers an ideal combination of lively cities, peaceful villages and abundant nature. It boasts a rich cultural heritage and has many modern sports facilities. For enthusiastic amateurs and for elite athletes alike. Discover an open, accessible and welcoming place that can easily be explored by public transportation, bicycle or on foot.

“Living in the lush green of Utrechtse Heuvelrug, I revel in the joy of cycling through its picturesque terrain. Amidst the serene woods, it’s easy to forget that merely a few kilometres away lies the Netherlands’ premier university, a breeding ground for top-tier global talent and the birthplace of pioneering startups.”

-Arjan van den Born,
managing director ROM Utrecht Region

A competitive drive

In the most recent European Regional Competitiveness Index, the European Commission listed Utrecht Region as the most competitive business region in the Netherlands. We are on par with London, Stockholm and Brussels in terms of higher education, technological readiness and labour market efficiency.

A smart mindset

Utrecht Region is invested in leading the way to a green future. Pioneers in healthcare, life sciences, digital media and sustainability have made it an innovation hotbed. The best academic institutions in the country work together with forward-thinking businesses to deliver a uniquely skilled workforce.

We cherish our highly educated, internationally minded community, fostering a culture of openness and inclusion. Thanks to its prime location and talent, Utrecht Region is a logical base from where to build your business in Europe.


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About Utrecht Region

Most competitive region in Europe

Second most favoured Dutch region to live in

Utrecht University is ranked #14 among Europe's best universities

145 million consumers within a radius of 500 kilometres

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Bustling Utrecht Region is home to 1.3 million residents and comprises 26 municipalities. Its largest cities are Utrecht, Amersfoort and Hilversum. Discover the region’s distinctive character and culture in the video below.