About us

We are the regional development agency of Utrecht Region. Our goal is to strengthen the regional economy by showcasing what Utrecht Region has to offer. We are active in the Invest in Holland network and work in close collaboration with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), many regional development organisations and various beautiful Dutch cities.


Meet the team

Come, play and grow in Utrecht Region!

Linda de Klerk

Business Advisor Digital, New Digital Society linda.deklerk@romutrechtregion.nl
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Ruben van der Horst

Senior advisor trade & invest in Enterprise Europe Network ruben.vanderhorst@romutrechtregion.nl
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Together you can go further!

Esther Schaafsma

Business Advisor International Industry focus: Fintech esther@romutrechtregion.nl
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Hidden in every challenge are opportunities that we will find together.

Steven Jonis

Business Advisor International Industry focus: Life Sciences & Health steven@romutrechtregion.nl
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Attention makes everything more beautiful.

Jaap Breugem

Senior Advisor International Business Industry focus: Bike / Edtech / Agri-food jaap@romutrechtregion.nl
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Hakuna Matata!

Caroline Eekhart

Senior Business Advisor International Industry focus: Sustainability caroline@romutrechtregion.nl
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Your gateway to Utrecht Region

Bianca Glang

Business Advisor DACH & Nordics bianca.glang@romutrechtregion.nl
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Thinking beyond boundaries. That's what makes me happy.

Tom Willebrandts

Director Foreign Investments & International Trade tom@romutrechtregion.nl
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Widen your horizons

Anna Elferink

Business Advisor Asia & Pacific anna@romutrechtregion.nl
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Innovation can be learned!

Jan Zuidema

Senior Business Advisor International Industry focus: Life Sciences & Health jan@romutrechtregion.nl
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