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Utrecht is the beating heart of a healthy society. As a region, we’re on a mission to create lasting, positive change. Our vision is for a world filled with people living better, more fulfilling lives in an environment that promotes their wellbeing. Located in the heart of Europe and being the most competitive region, we’ve earned our place on the global stage. Home to innovation-driven companies, world-class knowledge institutions, forward-thinking governments and bright young minds alike, we’ve got the skills, resources, and support to create a healthier, more sustainable world for all.

Healthy People

Utrecht region is already home to world-leading innovators in the fields of health and care. By creating world-beating facilities, we’ve provided an environment where these talented people learn, grow and realise their potential. What’s better than bringing in talent? How about growing it right here at home! Our broad, high-quality education encourages new, eager talent to continue our good work into future generations. With the fire of creativity lit, hungry minds need opportunity and equipment, this they’ll find in the largest science park in Europe. A space which world-renowned medical centres, knowledge institutions and global companies call home. We’ve brought together leading lights in the field of immunology/microbiology, cancer medication and pandemic control so when it comes to biotech, we’ve got the best. We’re also home to one of the five largest paediatric oncology centres in the world. But these facilities need more than scientists, that’s where our strong, regional labour market comes in handy! Taken as a whole, we believe that you won’t find a stronger statement of clear commitment to the physical, mental and social well-being of both the Utrecht region and the world anywhere else.

Healthy environment

But what about life away from the office, lab and classroom? We’re working together to create an environment which is a template for the future of sustainable, energy-conscious and climate aware living. Giving equal consideration to the lives of our residents, the needs of nature and the reality of being a modern, urban region. So, obviously, we’re leading the way when it comes to sustainable mobility. The Dutch and bikes, who would have thought? However, being one of the best cycling regions in the world? That’s impressive… Even for the Netherlands. By developing vibrant, sustainable and green urban centres, we’re on our way to extend the average human lifespan by five years. A bold plan, but the science is clear; healthy, happy people live longer.With all this development, it’s important not to forget what’s around us already. That’s why it is central to our vision for urban centres to preserve of our unique natural and cultural heritage whilst creating climate-proof, biodiverse residential areas. Balancing the demands of the built environment with the needs of the nature it exists in is how we move to a sustainable, conscious future.

Healthy Society

Home to over 1.5 million people, who enjoy excellent living conditions and working opportunities in a considered, sustainable region. Where leading, innovation-driven companies, institutions and governments collaborate to realise a shared ambition to be the region that contributes most to a healthy world. As one of the world’s oldest democracies, we know what it takes to defend it, and we know how fragile certain liberties are. A free and independent media is essential in a well-functioning democracy. That’s why we bring companies from the gaming sector to the table with organizations that produce content. Together we discuss how we can make it attractive and safe, for example for young people. We discuss fair business models for the new web, AI and data vaults. While the large and innovative gaming companies are based in Utrecht, the most important media parties come from Hilversum: both from our region. That is why this ‘healthy society’ is such an important spearhead for the regional positioning ‘Utrecht, Heart of Health’.

Utrecht, Heart of Health

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