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We live in the information age. This has brought us tremendous advantages and hitherto unimaginable opportunities. It has also brought a string of new dangers to individuals and organizations. Threats that have an erosive influence on the very fundamentals of our society and our democracy. Think of cybercrime, privacy violations, and fake news. We believe that a healthy society requires a healthy media climate. To that end, we are at the forefront of pioneering digital solutions. Jointly, we shape the new media society.

Healthy Society

The larger Amsterdam – Utrecht Region area is the home of media and IT in the Netherlands. It is here that television is produced and broadcasted. Where games are designed. Where some of the best digital media companies, designers and developers of Europe are bundled together. Where new forms of media, like immersive experiences, are developed and created. EdTech, FinTech and cloud computing, it all happens here.

An overwhelming 70% of all Dutch innovation is IT related, much of which is forged right here in the Utrecht Region. We have a sizeable gaming industry, digital media technology and design. The vibe is multilingual, easy going, inclusive and brims with excitement. A recipe for igniting new businesses. Connect and innovate with (major) companies based in the region like Nixxes, VodafoneZiggo, Talpa, and MediaMonks and start your European adventure.

Companies in Utrecht Region use artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and gamification to develop data vaults, reshape media distribution and digital protection. The closeness of media and gaming companies facilitates cross-fertilization and innovation in both sectors.

Key business opportunities

Software and services

Game development

Custom gamification

Virtual and augmented reality

Artificial intelligence

Cloud computing

Digital media technology

Media production


Hilversum Media Park

Situated in the Northwest of Utrecht Region, Hilversum’s colourful media cluster houses some of the most creative talent in the country. Internationally renowned companies add soul to Utrecht Region’s digital business economy and design trade. Over 150 media companies cluster in the Hilversum Media Park. Think of NEP, ASPEN Digital and Robot Kittens. This is where big ideas become reality.

Dutch Game Garden

We have come a long way since Pong. Video games are a part of our lives, welcomed into our homes to entertain, to support and to educate. Utrecht Region is where gaming has transitioned towards applicable gamification. Dutch Game Garden is the one of the most successful gamification incubators in Europe, producing award-winning independent game studios like Abbey Games and Vlambeer and impactful applied game studios like Tover and Flavour.

The EdTech Cluster

In the Netherlands, Utrecht region is a frontrunner in the field of Education Technology. EdTech, the combination of IT-tools and educational practices aimed at facilitating and enhancing learning, is one of the fastest growing global industries that serves a huge market. Working closely with Dutch EdTech, ROM Utrecht Region facilitates a cluster of more than 100 regional EdTech companies.

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