CIIIC: A Catalyst for Growth in the Dutch Creative Sector in Hilversum and Utrecht

The Creative Industries Immersive Impact Coalition (CIIIC) is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at propelling the Dutch creative sector to new heights, particularly in the realm of immersive content. This coalition, backed by a consortium of over 50 partners, is poised to revolutionize the creative industry and position the Netherlands as a global leader in immersive content.

25 April 2024 2 minutes

CIIIC is a comprehensive program that seeks to leverage the power of immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to create engaging, interactive, and innovative content. The initiative is supported by the Dutch Growth Fund (NGF), which assigned €102,3 million to the program.

Annet Kloprogge (pictured below), business developer at ROM Utrecht Region: “CIIIC’s primary objective is to foster innovation and growth in the Dutch creative sector, while keeping public values in mind. The initiative aims to achieve this by focusing on three key areas: talent development, research and development and market activation. By investing in these areas, CIIIC hopes to create a robust ecosystem that supports the creation, distribution, and monetization of immersive content. For the Dutch creative sector, CIIIC presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for immersive content.”

“CIIIC’s primary objective is to foster innovation and growth in the Dutch substantial creative sector (…) it presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for immersive content.” -Annet Kloprogge

The initiative is expected to stimulate economic growth, create new jobs, and enhance the international competitiveness of the Dutch creative industry. Moreover, the CIIIC will foster collaboration between various stakeholders in the creative sector, including educational institutions, research organizations, and businesses, thereby promoting knowledge sharing and innovation.

Hilversum city, known as the media capital of the Netherlands, stands to benefit significantly from CIIIC. The city is home to a vibrant media industry, with numerous broadcasting companies, production houses, and educational institutions. CIIIC’s focus on talent development and R&D aligns perfectly with Hilversum’s strengths, positioning the city as a hub for immersive content creation.. Furthermore, CIIIC’s R&D efforts will stimulate innovation in Hilversum, potentially leading to the development of new immersive technologies and content formats.

In conclusion, the Creative Industries Immersive Impact Coalition represents a significant step forward for the Dutch creative sector and Hilversum city. By focusing on talent development, R&D, and market activation, CIIIC will create a conducive environment for the growth of immersive content. This will not only benefit the Dutch creative industry but also position the Netherlands as a global leader in immersive technologies. The future of the Dutch creative sector looks promising, thanks to CIIIC’s innovative approach and strategic focus.

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The Immersive Tech ecosystem of the Utrecht Region is in constant development, and collaboration plays a vital role in this progress. Kloprogge explains this with an example: “At Hilversum Media Park, various stakeholders are collaborating to create cutting-edge virtual productions by integrating AI, motion capture, and other emerging technologies. This collaborative effort not only fosters innovation but also presents excellent opportunities for companies looking to penetrate both the Dutch as well as the EU market. By joining forces with peer companies and knowledge partners, businesses can develop innovative solutions and establish a strong presence in the European market. We at ROM Utrecht Region can provide a soft landing.”

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