5 facts about skilled talent in Utrecht Region

Thinking of starting, relocating, or expanding your business? Utrecht Region offers you access to a wealth of skilled talent to leverage your business growth.

15 March 2022 5 minutes

Organisations of any size active in the fields of fintech, AI, (digital) media, smart mobility, sustainability, or life Sciences & health can recruit the right talented people here. Below we listed 5 facts about the talent pool in this region.

1. Highly educated

Utrecht Region has the most highly educated population in the Netherlands. 50% of the workforce in the region holds an academic degree. Besides, 70,000+ students study at five different universities, including the prestigious Utrecht University. This University is ranked #13 in the Shanghai Ranking (2020).

2. Digital savvy

The region has over double the IT talent than the national average: 12% of the workforce is active in IT compared to 5% on average. Some universities also offer in-depth courses to prepare students or professionals for jobs at fintech or AI companies.

3. Internationally oriented

As Utrecht Region has access to 145 million consumers in Europe within a 500-km radius, many people and organisations are used to thinking and operating internationally. This also attracts highly skilled expats and knowledge workers with a global outlook.

4. Multilingual

77% of the regional population is multilingual. Most people master English as their second language. The majority of the talented workforce is open to communicating and working in English.

5. Sustainable mindset

Utrecht Region has an open-innovation ecosystem that successfully combines rapid urbanisation and economic growth with green innovations. This attracts innovators from all over the world in search of greener, smart and healthier lives.

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