5 facts about Utrecht Region’s favourable business climate

Utrecht Region has a competitive and innovative business climate, mostly thanks to the well-connected location, highly educated talent pool and excellent research infrastructure.

15 March 2022 7 minutes

That is probably why more than 1,000 international companies have already joined our vibrant business community. Are you interested to learn more? Discover the 5 most important facts about the region’s business climate below.

1. Utrecht Region is an excellent gateway into Europe 

Utrecht Region is the most central and well-connected region in the Netherlands. The central location gives companies access to 145 million consumers within a 500 km radius throughout Europe. Supply lines come through main ports like Schiphol Airport (30 minutes away) and the Rotterdam Harbour (45 minutes away). The Utrecht Central Station is the largest train station in the Netherlands and the most important railway junction.

2. It has one of the best economic positions in the Netherlands 

The region is since 2010 consistently ranked in the top three of most competitive regions in Europe, scoring well on infrastructure, health, human capital and innovation (European Commission’s Regional Competitive, 2019.). Besides, Utrecht Region has the highest GDP per capita of the Dutch Randstad area, which results in many consumers with a high purchasing power. It is also the most innovative region in the country, according to the Regional Innovative Scoreboard.

Copyright Edwin van Wanrooij
Copyright Edwin van Wanrooij

3. The region is full of skilled (inter)national talent 

The region attracts many talented, people with a global outlook, both from the Netherlands and abroad. As we are home to some of the best academic institutions in the country, we have a steady supply of highly educated students graduating every year. The prestigious Utrecht University, ranked as #13 in Europe by the Shanghai Ranking, currently has more than 32.000 students. Most of these students are studying in IT, (veterinary) medicine, geoscience and humanities.

4. It has the largest science park in the Netherlands 

Utrecht Science Park is the beating heart of knowledge and high-end technology in Utrecht Region. It is also the largest and most fast-growing science park in the Netherlands. Currently, 10 knowledge institutions and 130 R&D companies are established here, primarily active in the field of Life Sciences & Health (LSH) and Sustainability. In this inspiring hotspot, companies, researchers, clinicians and students work together on ground breaking science, accelerating innovation.

5. Utrecht Region has a beneficial tax system 

The corporate tax system in the Netherlands applies to Utrecht Region as well. This tax system has been known to be very beneficial for foreign companies. Currently, the Dutch corporate tax rate is 15%. This rate applies to the taxable income of up to 245,000 euros. A tax rate of 25% applies to income above that. Some of the benefits of the Dutch tax system are:

  • A wide network of nearly 100 bilateral tax treaties to avoid double taxation and to provide reduced or no withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties.
  • Clarity and certainty about taxes in advance.
  • No withholding tax on outgoing interest and royalty payments.

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