5 reasons to seek new business opportunities in Utrecht Region

Finding the right destination to relocate to or set up in can prove challenging. Utrecht Region offers the perfect combination of healthy urban living and a highly competitive business ecosystem. Keen to learn more? Scroll down to discover five reasons why our prosperity means your success.

15 March 2022 7 minutes

1. An innovative business climate

According to the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (European Commission, 2019), Utrecht Region is the Netherlands’ most innovative region. Its thriving economy is the perfect starting point for scouting new business opportunities focused on smart solutions, green policies, innovation and health. More than 1,000 international companies have already joined our vibrant business community, including Yokogawa, Freshworks and Genmab.

2. A location that connects the world

Utrecht Region is a national transport hub just 30 minutes from Schiphol Airport and its excellent international network. The region also offers outstanding accessibility to the entire European market. Two of the many reasons why Utrecht has consistently ranked in the top-three most competitive regions on the European mainland since 2010 (European Commission Regional Competitiveness Index, 2020).

Copyright Lotte Stierhout
Copyright: Lotte Stierhout


3. A wealth of highly educated professionals

Utrecht University has been the Netherlands’ largest and best research university since 2003. It ranks #13 in Europe according to the Shanghai Ranking 2020. Key to strengthening Utrecht Region’s global outlook, it is the place for connecting with smart, talented people. We also have the best-educated workforce in the Netherlands, with more than 50% of the region’s working population having an academic degree.

4. A happy and healthy community

We implement innovative solutions for healthy urban living and encourage cooperation between governmental organisations, local and global businesses, knowledge institutions and residents. Take our world-class bicycle highways, for example, accommodating 100,000 cyclists per day as they commute through the historic, vibrant city of Utrecht.

Copyright Ramon Mosterd
Copyright: Ramon Mosterd


5. Our free, confidential services 

Keep ahead of the curve and contact our multilingual Team International today for free, confidential services to facilitate your investment journey. Save time and hassle by acquiring practical assistance and information about doing business, living and working in Utrecht Region. You are just one step away from a smooth and successful business relocation. Our tailor-made services can ensure a thriving future in Utrecht Region and Europe.

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