5 reasons to seek new business opportunities in Utrecht Region

Finding the right destination to relocate or set up your business can be challenging. Utrecht Region offers you the perfect combination of living, working and doing business. Are you curious to know why? Scroll down to read the 5 most important reasons.

15 March 2022 7 minutes

1. An innovative business climate

Utrecht Region is the most innovative region in the Netherlands (Regional Innovation Scoreboard, European Commission 2019). The region’s thriving economy is interesting for you to find new business opportunities, focused on smart solutions, green policies, innovation and health. Over 1,000 foreign companies have already joined our vibrant business community such as Yokogawa, Freshworks and Genmab.

2. Greatly connected location

Utrecht Region is a national transport hub located within 30 minutes of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with its superb international network. The region also offers you outstanding accessibility to the entire European market. Those are only two reasons why Utrecht has been consistently in the top three of the most competitive regions on the European mainland since 2010 (European Commission’s Regional Competitiveness Index, 2020).

Copyright Lotte Stierhout
Copyright Lotte Stierhout


3. Highly educated professionals

Utrecht University is the largest and best research university in the country since 2003 and #13 in Europe (Shanghai Ranking, 2020). That is why you will easily find smart, talented people with a global outlook in Utrecht Region. We have the best-educated workforce in the Netherlands, with more than 50% of the region’s working population holding an academic degree.

4. A happy and healthy community

Together we implement innovative solutions for Healthy Urban Living and encourage cooperation between governmental organisations, (international) businesses, knowledge institutions and residents. For example, ‘Cycling highways’ were constructed in the city of Utrecht to accommodate 100,000 cyclists who travel through the city every day.

Copyright Ramon Mosterd
Copyright Ramon Mosterd


5. Free, confidential services 

Our multilingual Invest Team offers free, confidential services to facilitate your investment journey. Acting as your go-to team, we provide practical assistance and information about doing business, living and working in our region. These services are tailored to your needs to make your business relocation easy and successful.

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