6 reasons to start a business in Utrecht Region

Looking to establish, relocate or expand your business abroad? Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht Region offers you the key ingredients to grow your business in Europe. Curious to learn why this region can be crucial to your success? Here are six important reasons to consider.

15 March 2022 10 minutes

1. Excellent connectivity

Utrecht Region is the Netherlands’ most central and accessible region, enabling it to compete globally. In addition to having the country’s largest train station, the region is just 30 minutes away from Schiphol Airport with its 327+ worldwide destinations and a 45-minute train or car ride from the Port of Rotterdam. Some 145 million consumers across Europe are reachable within a 500-km radius.

2. Established ecosystem

Become part of an established, open ecosystem where businesses, research institutes and universities work together on ground-breaking innovations. The region has several knowledge hubs where top companies and organisations work together in an inspiring environment. Think of Utrecht Science Park for R&D in life sciences and health and the Media Park in Hilversum for digital media and creative enterprise.

Copyright Lotte Stierhout
Copyright: Lotte Stierhout


3. Access to talent

Utrecht Region has the best-educated workforce in the Netherlands. You can easily connect with a wealth of skilled talent to leverage your business growth. More than 70,000 students study at the five universities based here, including the prestigious Utrecht University. Businesses of any size active in digital and traditional media, smart mobility, sustainability or life sciences and health can recruit the right people right here.

4. Cost-effective

Businesses and employees can enjoy all the benefits of a thriving ecosystem in Utrecht Region at considerably lower operating and living costs compared to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The International Welcome Centre can help your international staff settle in and handle formalities.

Copyright Jurjen Drenth
Copyright: Jurjen Drenth


5. Attractive incentives and tax rates

Utrecht Region is a reliable choice for your international operations thanks to the Netherlands’ attractive corporate tax rates and financial incentives. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration adopts a flexible and practical approach and has a proactive ethos.

6. Supporting business growth

Our Team International provides a gateway to Utrecht Region’s innovative ecosystem. As your go-to partner, we offer advice and assistance to support your ambition for international growth. This includes several free, confidential services to give your business a head start on your road to success.

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