NEP steps up its game with Hilversum innovation hub

NEP Group, the media production colossus, has designated its location at Hilversum Media Park as one of its three global innovation hubs.

14 March 2022 7 minutes

Having used the park as a global growth hub for some years, NEP is now increasing its investment in Utrecht Region, the Netherlands. This signals confidence in the future of the Dutch media and broadcasting ecosystem and the many business opportunities it will bring. The innovation hub designation for Hilversum is a perfect fit for NEP’s new global strategy.

Dutch infrastructure gives NEP Group a platform to grow and innovate

Naturally, NEP innovation hubs require an advanced digital infrastructure, including a fibre optic network and available data centres. Another requirement is the close proximity of an international airport. Utrecht Region in the Netherlands is therefore a smart choice.

Ralf van Vegten, managing director of NEP in the Netherlands: “We already have a great infrastructure here in Hilversum, with Schiphol Airport just around the corner. Hilversum Media Park is a perfect location for such an innovation hub.”

NEP is ready to accelerate innovation through its product R&D activities in Hilversum. Van Vegten explains: “The infrastructure helps us expand the R&D department. This does not necessarily have to be funded by business operations in the Netherlands alone. It will be a global investment. There will be a substantial amount of additional resources available for innovation.”

Hilversum Media Park: a frontrunner in broadcast technology and creative talent

Hilversum Media Park is renowned for being ahead of the curve when it comes to broadcast technology. This is, according to van Vegten, largely due to the park’s unique combination of creativity and efficiency: “There is a relatively large amount of creative talent in this sector, allowing us to create unique TV formats. These formats are essentially expensive, although high costs can be standard for this market. In the Netherlands, the comparative affordability and beauty of the products result in a system that simply works well.”

Government support and industry collaboration ignite unique opportunities

Van Vegten emphasises that NEP Group’s expansion would not be possible without the support of Hilversum municipality: “All companies at Hilversum Media Park enjoy the emphatic support of the local municipality. We have seen it take an active interest in the wellbeing of every business at the park.”

The Dutch government and the Invest in Holland Network also played a critical role. Van Vegten notes the importance of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and ROM Utrecht Region in convincing the parent company to expand the Dutch team, instead of the one in Germany or Belgium.

He continues: “The innovation grants available in the Netherlands are uniquely pivotal and the AI ​​fund has been decisive in swaying our parent company. That such opportunities are readily available in this sector is of enormous help.”

Anita Boerkamp, business advisor at ROM Utrecht Region: “We are extremely proud that NEP Group has affirmed how important the Hilversum location is by designating it a vital innovation hub. I’m looking forward to our continued collaboration in the innovative regional ecosystem in which NEP plays such an extensive role.”

NEP underlines the importance of working with local industry players for collective innovation. Ralf van Vegten: “For an ecosystem in which competition plays a major role, I think we actually collaborate quite a lot. We are in touch with many clients, including some here at Hilversum Media Park, about how we can shape innovation. That’s the nice thing about the park: almost 70% of all Dutch media is located in a compact area of ​​two square kilometres. A nice environment for innovation.”


This collaborative approach extends to nearby Dutch knowledge institutions. NEP has established a good relationship with the Universities of Applied Sciences in Utrecht and Amsterdam, the University of Twente and the MBO College for intermediate vocational education in Hilversum.

Source: Invest in Holland



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