AM-Pharma and Kyowa Kirin sign exclusive licence agreement

Utrecht-based AM-Pharma has signed a €245 million licence agreement with the Japanese pharma giant Kyowa Kirin.

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14 March 2022 3 minutes

Struck in September 2021, this exclusive agreement allows AM-Pharma to work with Kyowa Kirin in developing and commercialising its new drug Ilofotase alfa. This innovative medicine specifically focuses on acute kidney injury, with phase three of clinical trials underway at 120 sites across North America, Europe and Japan.

Erik van den Berg, chief executive officer at AM-Pharma. “This constitutes a significant milestone for AM-Pharma. The agreement will optimise the commercialisation of Ilofotase alfa on the Japanese market and expedite our ability to bring our therapeutic candidate to a substantial patient population in Japan post-approval.”

Ilofotase alfa promises vital improvements to around three million patients in the US, Europe and Japan. Acute kidney injury has a high morbidity rate, currently costing 700,000 patients their lives each year. The agreement between the pharma companies has intensified AM-pharma’s activities, resulting in the company expanding its site in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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