Tap into the Heart of Health key sectors and contribute to a healthy world for all

If the Netherlands is on your radar, Utrecht Region definitely deserves your consideration. Boasting some of the world’s leading educational institutions and an exceptional standard of living, we both draw talent in and nurture its further development. Dynamic, sustainable, and future-focused, Utrecht Region is the beating heart of a healthy society. In fact, we’re officially the #1 most competitive region in Europe with cities that consistently rank as the topmost liveable and there’s a reason why...

27 November 2023 5 minutes

Renowned for our talented, diverse and multilingual workforce, Utrecht Region is situated in the heart of the Netherlands and offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark or expand their reach. Connectivity is outstanding, with major European cities a mere train ride away. Similarly, we’re a quick half hour away from Amsterdam’s international airport to the north, and the Port of Rotterdam to the south, making Utrecht a gateway for trade and collaboration. Of course, the fact that our digital connectivity outranks regions like Paris, Brussels, and London helps too.

Positive Change

“Here’s the deal… In the interdependent world of today, we’re faced with global challenges that are so vast and complex, no single country, company, or person can solve them alone. Interdisciplinary cooperation is the way forward and as a region, we want to create lasting, positive change,” says Jaap Breugem (photo), Senior Advisor International Business at ROM Utrecht Region. “Our vision is for a world filled with people living better, more fulfilling lives in an environment that promotes their wellbeing inside and outside of work. More importantly, we’ve got the skills, resources, and talent to make it happen.”

“Here’s the deal… In the interdependent world of today, we’re faced with global challenges that are so vast and complex, no single country, company, or person can solve them alone.”
—  Jaap Breugem, Senior Advisor

Heart of Health

As the Heart of Health, we are all about creating a healthy environment in which healthy people enjoy all the benefits of a healthy society. From stem cell therapy to circular construction or the safeguarding of digital privacy, we’re co-creating the solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Here, policymakers, knowledge institutions and commercial businesses work closely together to realise a healthy future for all. Utrecht Region is home to some of the world’s leading organisations, many of which fall under one of our three distinctive key sectors, each of which revolves around Life Sciences & Health, Smart Sustainability, or the New Digital Society.

We’re living longer and it’s projected that, by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. As a hotspot for knowledge and cutting-edge technology in the fields of Life Sciences & Health, Smart Sustainability, and the Digital Media Technology, we want to lead by example. Almost half of all jobs in the region are related to one of these key sectors. Sectors that are inextricably linked with the sustainable economic development of our region, its people and the world at large.

Life Sciences & Health

Over two thousand companies and a hundred startups in the health sector are active in Utrecht Region. Utrecht Science Park, the Prinses Máxima Centrum hospital and medical research centre, the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and many other medical institutions all contribute to our position as frontrunners in oncology, cell and tissue technology, vaccine technology, preventative medicine and human-technology interaction. Companies such as Genmab, Bilthoven Biological, Intravacc, Danone, and Johnson & Johnson further strengthen our Life Sciences & Health key sectors.

Smart Sustainability

Our innovation agenda as the Heart of Health goes beyond the medical. From circular building to smart mobility, we believe a sustainable environment is key to healthy urban living. This means climate-adaptive building with circular materials, supporting the energy transition and implementing innovative solutions to some of the most important societal and environmental challenges we face today. Innovations that are being realised by organisations such as Arcadis, Koninklijke BAM, Ballast Nedam, and others in the Utrecht Smart Sustainability key sectors also known as Earth Valley.

Digital Media Technology

From the things we watch to the platforms we use, the vast majority of innovations today are tech driven. And maintaining a healthy society means including the digital world. The New Digital Society that’s being realised in Utrecht Region has attracted some of the world’s best designers, coders and producers. Interdisciplinary collaborations are how we’ve become a global frontrunner in gamification, Educational Technology, or EdTech, and Smart Sustainability. It’s also what makes us rich feeding ground for media powerhouses such as Nixxus, Talpa, MediaMonks and Nintendo. And home to Dutch Game Garden too.

Altogether, the 1.5 million people who call Utrecht home represent an exceptionally attractive business environment with a GDP that comes in 20% above the Dutch average. No less than 42% of Utrecht residents have obtained either a bachelor’s or master’s degree, with some 100,000 students graduating annually. This is, among others, thanks to Utrecht University: the #1 university in the Netherlands, global #2 in Geo Sciences and global #9 in Biomedical Sciences. Combined with the myriad of innovative organisations based here, it’s safe to say that the Utrecht Region talent pipeline is unparalleled.

All in all, opportunities are rife in Utrecht Region. Innovators, creators and early adopters of all manner of products and technologies have found their way here. So if you’re looking for a top-notch place to tap into, the Heart of Health is a good place to start. We really do have a lot going for us…

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